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Claudia Chan


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I’m a Third Year BA student at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Translation and Korean Studies.
During my first year of university, I was the External Vice-Chairperson of the Korean Society and also a member of Simon K. Y. Lee Hall. In addition, I was a research assistant for Dr. Song Geng for 3 months.
Throughout my 2 years of University, I have been a Part Time staff at Science Workshop, whilst tutoring students of all ages privately.
I’m really excited to be able to help any incoming students get to know more about university life and get them prepared for what changes they may face up ahead.
I’m looking forward to working with you all and to guide you through any challenges.

My Education

The University of Hong Kong
BA Bachelor of Arts (major in Translation and Korean Studies)

My Experience

Translation Project Manager
Research Assistant under Dr. Song Geng
Science Workshop
Part Time staff
Korean Society, Arts Association, The Hong Kong University Students’ Union
External Vice-Chairperson
Simon K. Y. Lee Hall



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