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Winson Tam

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Winson Tam

Sport Management/3, Drexel University

Xpert no. : 00014

Price: $210/hr

About Me

My name is Winson Tam and I’m a senior sport management student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Currently, I’m working with the NCAA D-1 Drexel Women’s Basketball Team as Team Manager. I’m responsible for team operations within the Drexel Athletics, CAA conference and NCAA.

One of my ambitions is to support the youths in my hometown. Undoubtedly, the sports industry in Hong Kong isn’t as developed as other countries, however, lots of students still want to pursue careers in sports. Unfortunately, the biggest problem happening is that students have nowhere to make dreams come true under this circumstance.

Based on my experience in the area including NWAC Basketball, NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship, NFL Pro Bowl, MLB Sales Academy and CSRI Case Competition on college basketball, I believe my practical experience is able to lead my peers to understand the sport development in Hong Kong as well as to reflect on the relations between sports and the society in order to find their right place in the sport industry, and most importantly, to chase their dreams.

Available Timeslots:

Sat: 1300-1700; 2100-2300

Sun: 1300-1700; 2100-2300

My Education

Drexel University
B.S. in Sport Management (minor in Spanish)

My Experience

OnBoard For Good Limited
Business Catcher
New World Group Shared Value Department
NCAA D-1 Drexel Women's Basketball Team
NWAC Shoreline Men's Basketball Team
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