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Wesley Lau

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Wesley Lau

Energy and Environmental Engineering/ Graduated, CUHK

Xpert no.: 00028

Price: $240/hr

I am a first-hon student majoring in Energy and Environmental Engineering  and streaming in green building technologies in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Also, I joined the Pembroke King’s Programme in University of Cambridge to study in Cambridge for 2 months.
By taking the role of president in The Energy And Environmental Engineering Society, I am familiar with the major curriculum and the culture of the department. Besides, I am the academic secretary of the Society of Engineering Faculty, hence I understand different features of engineering in CUHK which may help you find your right path in Engineering. Also, I participated in two internships in CLP and construction work and gained real world work experience which can help you to find ways to get in touch with  big firms for their internship and future career.
Despite to the above experience, I also joined different activities, summer exchange and competition in college and Faculty, therefore, can share some of my tips and experiences in CUHK to you.

Available Timeslots:

Mon: 2100-2300

Tue: 2100-2300

Wed: 2100-2300

Thu: 2100-2300

Fri: 2100-2300

Sat: 0900-2300

Sun: 0900-2300

My Education

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
BEng Energy and environmental engineering

My Internship Experience

CLP power limited
China Construction Third Bureau

My Experience

CSV Challenge
ASME Competition
Engineering Mentorship Progamme
Pembroke King’s Program
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