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Sandra Wong

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Sandra Wong


Xpert no.: 00025

Price: $180/hr

Hi! This is Sandra, I am currently a year three student majoring in Physics in CUHK. Studying in CUHK allows me to get involved into different types of activities and enhance my experiences. I have also joined rowing team in CUHK, it enriches my university life and I have gained valuable insight.Being one of the physics students in CUHK, there are lots of supports regarding to future career, exchange programs and internships ready for students to gain hands-on experience to get well-prepared before graduation. Please feel free to ask me any questions related to physics and CUHK, I am happy to share my experiences and journey in CUHK to you 🙂

Available Timeslots:

Mon: 2100-2300

Wed: 2100-2300

Thu: 0900-1300

Fri: 0900-1500, 2100-2300

Sat: 1300-2300

Sun: 0900-2300

My Education

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
BSc Physics

My Internship Experience

Secondary School Part-time tutor in Christ College
Summer Teacher AppRenticeship (CUHK Physics)

My Experience

Oxford University Press
Develop Mock MC videos
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