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Nathan Ho

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Nathan Ho

Sport Coaching and Sport Performance/2, HKU Space PLK Stanley Ho Community College

Xpert no.: 00045

Price: $180/hr

I’m pleased to share my experience as an ex-HK team rowing athlete also a higher-diploma student. Are you worrying about whether your DSE result is good enough for you to earn a place in the university? Do you ever think of other ways? Here’s the deal, I can help.

Available Timeslots:

Mon: 1300-1500 & 1700-2300

Tue: 1300-1500 & 2100-2300

Wed: 2100-2300

Thu: 1700-2300

Fri: 0900-1300

Sat: 1700-2300

Sun: 1700-2300

My Education

HKU Space PLK Stanley Ho Community College
Sport Coaching and Sport Performance

My Experience

Elite Star Row Club
Assistant rowing coach
HK Rowing Team (2014-2018)
Scholarship athlete
Private Rowing Coach
Training department of HKU Rowing
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