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Jon Lam

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Jon Lam

Mathematics and Economics/2, LSE

Xpert no.: 00044

Price: $210/hr

Hello everybody, I am Jon, currently a penultimate year student studying Mathematics and Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)! Studying in London has been a truly amazing experience for me, and outside of my study, I have also been taking part at my society Enactus, as well as MockingBird Acappella Group!

Feel free to ask me any question regarding studying Maths and Economics in the UK, student life, and most importantly, how to get most out of your time in London! Can’t wait to talk to you all!

Available Timeslots:

Mon: 1500-2300

Tue: 1500-2300

Wed: 1500-2300

Thu: 1500-2300

Fri: 1500-2300

Sat: N/A

Sun: 2100-2300

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Mathematics and Economics

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Bank of China (Hong Kong)
Education for Good
FundingReach Holdings Limited
European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
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