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Huilin Feng

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Huilin Feng


Xpert no.: 00034

Price: $180/hr

I am a year 2 student studying economics in CUHK. I actively engaged myself in the Society of Economics last year. As an internal Vice President, the primary task is to maintain a good relationship between members, which offers such a golden opportunity for me to enhance my communication and interpersonal skills. Apart from that, holding a series of activities to economics students is also part of our duties. For example, preparing photo day, joint-society singing contest, providing snacks during exam periods and so on. Having such an important role, I have truly learned how to effectively manage my time to balance my work, school, and leadership commitments.

Also, university and department will send different kinds of notifications like internship opportunities, career talks or extra activities through email, we are welcomed to join these activities if we are interested in.

Available Timeslots:

Mon: 0900-1100, 1700-2100

Tue: 0900-1100

Wed: 1300-1700

Thu: 1700-2100

Fri: 1300-2100

Sat: 0900-1300

Sun: 0900-1300

My Education

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
BSSc Economics

My Internship Experience

Manulife Student Internship Program

My Experience

Young Social Changemaker Camp 2017
AIG One-day Internship
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