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Alex Cheng

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Alex Cheng


Xpert no.: 00017

Price: $180/hr

Hi everyone I’m Alex! Nice to meet you all! I can provide tips on Home Affairs Bureau Multi-Faceted Excellence Scholarship, HKU/CUHK sports scholarship scheme and principal’s nomination. I only went to CUHK Business school first round interview.

Available Timeslots:

Mon: 2100-2300

Tues: 0900 -1100; 2100-2300

Wed: 2100-2300

Thurs: 0900 -1100; 1500-2300

Fri: 0900 -1300; 1700-2300

Sat: 1500-2300

Sun: 0900-1500

My Education

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
BSc in Quantitative Finance

My Experience

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